While wandering through the mall yesterday, I noticed that the XM Satellite Radio vendor in the mall had a device they called “XM PCR”. It’s an XM receiver for your PC (running Windows). Cool user interface:

It worked fine last night, and is working fine again today. However, during the hours in which sunlight was shining into the room, it resolutely refused to work. I find this very odd: it cannot see the satellite because it’s too sunny? Today was a pretty typically sunny day in Colorado. So I’m wondering if there are others readers who are running an XM PCR, and whether they’re having similar issues? (I tried calling tech support, but they’re not answering because of the California wild fires, I think.)

So far, when it’s worked, I’ve been exceedingly happy with the UI and the sound quality. The news channels have some noticable compression artifacts, and the audio channels are slightly compressed, but all in all, extremely listenable even for someone as picky as me.

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