Favoring Simplicity

About a week ago, I decided to re-design the site. Part of it was my innate desire to change (something to which Lisa will testify). Part of it was the recognition that the site was based on an older 800×600-optimized design that had display problems with short articles in the archives. Part of it was the desire to have something simple, understanding that my content is inherently designed to be read in RSS, and that the majority of my readers will be using it that way.

In all honestly, though, most of it was sparked by a visit to Google Blog. I loved their simplicity of display. It’s focused, readable, and usable. So I did an homage to that design. I used CSS where they used tables, so I think my site is a little better designed for screen readers and phones. You should be able to increase or decrease font size in any browser, and have the entire design — including layout — scale up or down with you.

Since I was mucking about, I changed my search box over to Google search instead of MovableType’s search.

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