Red vs. Blue DVD Easter Eggs

I know a lot of geek gamers regularly partake in Red vs. Blue, which has just started Season 2. If you happen to have the Season 1 DVD, here’s a list of the easter eggs (taken from this list).

1. On the main menu, go to scene selections, then left arrow, up arrow, enter. A short thing of Sarge will come up

2. On the main menu, wait for a while with no activity, a short thing of Church will come up telling you to watch the video already

3. On the PSA menu, go to bonus, hit left, then up twice and enter. The menu will change to “Donut’s Menu” for a few seconds. All the videos it links to are the same though.

4. There is also one on the Bonus Features screen, when you just wait for a while. Burnie comes on complimenting the casting of the birds in the background sound of the menu.

5. On the Outakes menu, go to line readings, click left, left, down, up, enter. A video of inside the recording studio of RvB will come up.

6. On the PSA menu, go down to bonus, click right, left, right, and then enter. A picture of Tucker comes up suggesting what a good easter egg for the DVD should be.

7. On the last page of scene selections, go to 6-11 and press down, enter. Grif and Simmons will come up compaining that they have to share an easteregg.

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