I’ve never before thought I’d had something significant enough to write a book about. After diving into ASP.NET pretty hard-core, reading a handful of books and watching the mailing lists, I can tell you right now that almost nobody is even scratching the surface of the power of ASP.NET. Right now, I imagine I could write a thousand page book on using ASP.NET like a real GUI development system and probably still not be finished.

So it tickles the back of my head when I hear they’re changing ASP.NET in v2 (they’re even renaming it Web.NET, if I heard correctly). This is a good thing, because believe me, there’s some really broken and/or extremely difficult things going on with ASP.NET v1.

I feel like I have a lot of insight into the v1 product that would be helpful for improvements and enhancement for v2. Does anybody know if the Web.NET v2 stuff is going to open for public comment any time soon, or whose ear I might be able to twist to talk about it?

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