Blog Ratings

I added blog ratings to my site, via NewsGator Online. Adding them is free and simple, presuming you use a template system to build your blog entries.

For example, you can use this little snippet on my MovableType web log to insert the ratings:

<span class=”BlogRating”>Rating: <script

By placing that inside the template for your posts, you can append the rating gadget. Everybody will automatically view ratings, and those who have NewsGator Online accounts (free) will also be able to rate and see their ratings.

One thing I don’t like is how the baseline of the image lines up with the text, which is the purpose of the span above. With a simple little application of CSS:

.BlogRating img {
position: relative;
top: 4px;

This will shift the image down 4 pixels. I’m not fond of this technique, because I’d prefer something that did a guaranteed center based on font size, but I’ll put up with it as “generally better than default” until I can come up with something different.

Unfortunately, I can’t really embed this inside the RSS, because most blog reading tools correctly strip scripts to prevent nasty things.

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