I’ve Had It

I’m building blog software. I spent pointless time today deleting comment spam from some of our blogs. I’ve reached the technical and personal cliff with Movable Type.


Yes, I already have a domain and host. No, dotnetguy.techieswithcats.com will not be used. Yes, redirects will be employed for selected content as well as RSS feeds. No, I will not attempt to redirect every piece of content I wrote; most of it isn’t that important.

Yes, it will be written in ASP.NET 1.1.

Yes, I will likely start with the stuff I developed ages ago (I’ll at least look at it, and see what I can keep).

Yes, I’ve looked at dasBlog and .Text. No, they’re not what I want.

Yes, commenting will require registration. No, I don’t care if that means you won’t comment. No, I haven’t decided whether it will show comments on the same page as posts, or employ a more generic “forum” style commenting system where participants can start their own threads, and my posts cause an automatic thread to be started for readers to comment on.

Yes, the admin/posting tool will be a rich UI written with .NET Windows Forms. No, there will be no web UI for admin. Yes, the admin UI will support HREF EXE mode, so it can be used from any machine w/ .NET 1.1 without requiring the application to be installed.

Yes, I will support posting w/ one of the existing XML-RPC APIs, so that the admin tool need not necessarily be the only way to post.

Yes, it will support both RSS and Atom. Yes, it will support as many APIs as I can manage to make happen (Trackback, Pingback, Atom posting, comment posting, etc.).

No, I’m not sure if I will ever release the code. Yes, if I keep the code private, I may offer a limited number of free blogs to personal friends, if they want to try it/use it (the domain I picked sort of lends itself to that).

No, it will not be built using a templating system: bad RSS feeds are too plentiful already. No, I haven’t decided how people will customize the UI yet; for that matter, I may just require them to be ASP.NET capable and write their own pages. Obviously, no, I don’t intend this to be a general purpose tool.

No, I’m not sure whether I’m going to integrate or couple the admin/posting UI with an aggregator, although it’s tempting (it’s the one thing Radio really got right, having everything live together).

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