I got CruiseControl.NET working this weekend. Although we don’t use NAnt as our primary build tool at work, it was trivial to hack together a .build file that used the <solution> task to build all our project files. It doesn’t even rely on having Visual Studio on the box, which is a nice bonus (just needs the SDK).

You have to sort of twist your brain until you get it right. Watching Kris Syverstad give a demo of it a few weeks ago really helped, as did his Lessons Learned article. Starting small was helpful. The amount of available information CCNET is quite addicting: combine the tool tray icon (green/red for the current build state) with the web page that details the build, and I’m quite pleased.

Part of the move to continuous integration is also going to involve a move to a new source control system. Subversion 1.0 is out, and from my beating it to death, I’m quite comfortable that it’s stable. TortoiseSVN is even better than TortoiseCVS, especially since it includes a 3-way merge tool now.

A note of caution: the current release of CCNET (0.4.2 build 85) doesn’t support Subversion 1.0 properly. If you’re interested, I’ve submitted a bug with code work-around suggestions that make everything happy with Subversion 1.0.

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