Categorization and New RSS Feeds

I’ve set about categorizing the blog. It’s going to take a while (650 back posts to categorize), but all new posts will go into the new categories as appropriate. A new set of category based archives will be online shortly as well.

As promised, I made new RSS feeds, which are:

All posts:
New posts and comments (unified feed)
New posts
New comments

Technology posts:
New posts

The “All posts” feeds will contain posts in every category. The “Technology posts” will contain posts in the “Technology” category as well as posts in the “This Blog” (a category I’ll try to use very sparingly for posts about the blog itself, such as new feeds, requests for reader information, etc.).

MovableType doesn’t seem to natively support getting comments by post category, so I’m going to look for a work-around or an appropriate plug-in. In the meantime, if you want to get only the technology posts, all I have for you is a posts-only feed. As soon as I can fix this, I’ll post again with the two new URLs for a unified feed and a comments-only feed.

People using the old feeds, I’ll be using a redirect to one of the new feeds soon. I wanted to give fair warning here, because some aggregators may not gracefully handle redirects (I just discovered yesterday that my beloved NewzCrawler doesn’t handle HTTP 301 redirects). You may want to manually update yourself soon to the feed of your choice to prevent any problems you may have.

When I’ve put the redirection in place: If you get a posts only feed (RSS 0.91 or RDF 1.0), you’ll be redirected to the “new posts only” feed for all categories. Similarly, if you get a comments only feed (RSS 0.91 or RDF 1.0), you’ll be redirected to the “new comments only” feed for all categories.

All the new feeds are RSS 2.0.

Thanks to all for the opinions on the best way to do this. 🙂

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