What Have I Done?

Comment spam is infecting the blog world, because blogs have high page rank. People will embed URLs in their comments, when allowed (either via HTML or auto-linking) as well as with their name.

So, in the interest of cutting down the abusers of blogs, until the point in time in which I can REALLY fix this with new software, I have done the following:

  • Some posts will be set to “no comments”, at my discretion
  • HTML has always been prohibited; auto-linking was disabled
  • Name linking was removed from comments on archive pages
The RSS feed will still contain name links, because Google doesn’t index RSS (and it wouldn’t matter, because the page rank of the RSS feed would be basically zero, since nobody browses it directly with their browser). Sorry, these measures might seem draconian, but at least it’s not a total removal of the comments system. Yet.

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