I Haven’t Decided…

…if blog tools suck, or RSS sucks, or NewzCrawler sucks. I might even lean to a combination of the three. Since upgrading to NewzCrawler 1.5, there is a constant stream of RSS feeds that are broken. For the moment, it’s Ethan Brown’s feed and Chris Pirillo’s feed. Elizabeth Griggjust fixed hers yesterday, and Mike Gunderloy (of Larkware News) and I exchanged a few e-mail messages dealing with things in his feed.

Radio Userland — as always — is the biggest offender, but it’s certainly not limited to them. And previous versions of NewzCrawler didn’t have this problem. What did they do? They had the temerity to use a validating XML parser instead of hand-crafted code.

All these RSS feeds are generated by a computer. How in the name of all that is sacred can they continually muck this stuff up, not even managing to emit valid XML (much less valid RSS)?

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