Triple Boot

All my boxes (and Lisa’s, for that matter) have conspired to “fall apart” at the same time. Unfortunately, the time I spent a couple weeks ago toward making things work, just didn’t work. My dev desktop clearly needs to triple boot:

Windows XP Home
Windows Server 2003

I have game issues when the dev stuff is installed, and my DVD ripping software doesn’t work in 2003, so I’ll use XP Home for games and media stuff. I need 2003 for development, because that’s our target platform. And Linux because I have a stinking quarter terrabyte of drive space in this PC (120GB x 2 on a Silicon Image SiI 3112 SATALink controller).

I wanted to use Lindows for the Linux stuff, because I love their desktop, but they apparently aren’t hip to the Serial ATA love. I snagged the 2 disc set for Gentoo 1.4, which found the SATA stuff on bootup no problem, so I’ll probably use that. *crosses fingers hoping for good results this time*

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