New .NET Centric Article Site

I have launched a new community .NET-centric articles site at:


The site really has two purposes.

The first motivation is to have a non-corporate site that provides high quality .NET related content. I want a place where smart people can come and publish their thoughts without the heavy infrastructure of a professional site, and without the random chaos of a public contribution site. I want people to think of DotNetDevs as a place they know they’ll always get high quality, accurate advice.

The second motivation is more personal. It’s really a challenge to myself to give a little more back to the community. With this in place, my goal is to publish a new article at least once a month, but hopefully more often than that. By launching this site as a specific haven for technical articles, I give the benefit of separation from my blog, which suffers these days from mixed content and some aimlessness.

The site as launched today is pretty stripped down. I’ve launched with two new articles (covering HTTP Handlers and Attribute Based URL Dispatching), as well as three older articles that I’ve taken from my weblog. There is no infrastructure in place to speak of, as I’m managing the content with CityDesk. I plan to bring up infrastructure around the existing content that will further my goal of community participation, for article contributors, reviewers, and the general public to provide feedback.

I hope you enjoy this new site!

(A note about the full content feed: because I’m using CityDesk today to manage the site, the full content feed might appear slighly broken because it contains relative links instead of absolute ones. I will be working to fix this as quickly as I possibly can, so please bear with me while I do that.)

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